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On international markets of personal care products, our company EE Bati LTD is engaged in export of commodity groups, such as baby diapers, adult diapers and wet wipes, as its own brand, and also as brands of foreign business partners.

We are proud that, for the health and comfort of babies and peace of mothers around the world, giving preference to quality, using Italian machines of the latest technology, and due to R & D works renewing day by day, we provide our business partners in the international markets in more than thirty countries high quality products at the best price.

We are working to increase our share of the global economy and to make the correct steps in the ever-changing international market, we have to focus on meeting the needs of our customers in order to provide a place of our brands in the global market.

On 120000 square meters of closed areas in our fully integrated plant we produce more than 120 kinds of different products.



Our Brands

Our own brands and brands of our partners(private label) produced here are represented in more than 100 countries.