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We are proud that, for the health and comfort of babies and peace of mothers around the world, giving preference to quality, using Italian machines of the latest technology, and due to R & D works renewing day by day, we provide our business partners in the international markets in more than thirty countries high quality products at the best price.


Super absorbent particles in the internal structure of the diaper absorbs three times more quickly and traps the liquid in diapers completely by preventing leakage. Keeping the liquid away from your baby’s skin keeps the skin dry.


Because of breathable surface and the thin structure body adaptive shape, Jolli daily pads help you feel comfortable over the day and night.

Lucky Baby

Improved side-tapes can be opened and attached repeatedly and is not being affected by substances like; baby cream, baby powder, baby oil, etc.


It fully wraps the baby’s lower back and adapts to every movement of your baby to make him/her feel comfortable.

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